We work in partnership with building contractors – understanding the key aspects that we can contribute to make your build more profitable.

A dedicated project manager – With 25 years experience each our project managers deliver quality from start to end of project.

How We Support You

Fast Turnaround

We quote within 3-5 days and can manufacture from order within 6 weeks;

Cost savings

We manufacture in Dungannon to keep costs low throughout the island of Ireland;

Speed on site

We work in an intensive way on site; increased speed and quicker access for M&E contractors; less scaffolding time required verses traditional construction.

Controlled costs

With a quick design and manufacture (off site) costs can be controlled with fewer on site adjustments than traditional construction;

What Our Clients Say

"As a Site Manager for Hugh J. O'Boyle, I have worked with numerous subcontractors and suppliers over the years, but my experience with Architectural Timber Frames stands out as exceptional. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to quality have consistently exceeded our expectations.

From the initial planning stages to the final erection of the timber frame structure, the team at Architectural Timber Frames has demonstrated unparalleled skill and attention to detail. Their ability to understand and interpret our project requirements accurately has been crucial in ensuring the smooth progression of the build.

Architectural Timber Frames has become an invaluable partner on the site. Their coordination with other subcontractors and oversight of their work have significantly contributed to the efficiency and quality of the project. Their proactive approach and excellent communication skills ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, keeping our projects on schedule and within budget.

The quality of the timber frame supplied and erected by Architectural Timber Frames is outstanding. Their dedication to using the best materials and employing skilled craftsmen is evident in the durability and finish of the structure. Our client is impressed with the final result, which is a testament to the high standards maintained by Architectural Timber Frames.

Working with Architectural Timber Frames has been a pleasure, and their contribution has been integral to the success of this project. I highly recommend them to any contractor looking for a reliable, skilled, and professional timber frame manufacturing and erecting company."
Mel Cunningham
Site Manager | Killowen Road House, Rostrevor